Busy, so very busy

As usual, I’ve been incredibly busy in the last few weeks, mostly working on ideas for my PhD and helping the run the various organisations which I’m involved in. My research seems to be slowly coming together, I have a vague idea of a framework which it should fit into and I’m reasonably confident that […]

Just to prove that I’m still alive…

…because sometimes people think that I’m not if I don’t blog, appear on MSN or update my status for over a month, here is a brief update on what I’ve been up to as of late. Friends of the Earth stuff is still taking up large chunks of my spare time, but I’m enjoying it […]

Damn. Double Damn. Triple Damn.

I have just come across Finding and linking incidents in news, which appears to be a published paper on more or less exactly the topic that I’ve been working on for the last three months. Given that I have to make an original contribution to research in order to get a PhD, this really stuffs […]

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Research topic After the confusion caused by last week’s meeting with my advisor, I didn’t really know where I was going with my research. Thankfully though, this week my two supervisors confirmed that what I had originally been thinking (i.e. detecting and linking events on the web, broadly speaking) was the right path to be […]

The first hurdle

I think I’ve hit the first big hurdle in my PhD which has made me stumble somewhat. I had a meeting with my co-supervisor on Wednesday, we went through some ideas and I tried to explain the direction of things to him, and we both ended up with a clearer view of where I was […]

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PhD progress

My PhD seems to be going really well at the moment, I’m starting to get to grips with my research topic and I’m heading in a definite direction with something specific to do now (first task is to define what I mean by ‘an event’, which is complicated in itself). I think I’ve settled into […]

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First week of PhD

It looks as if I’ve managed to survive the first week of my PhD—or technically MPhil as that’s what I’m registered for. Most of my time has been spent doing admin work (making sure I’m in the right groups on the network, arranging regular meetings etc.), but I now have my own desk in the […]

Flat hunting

Due to not knowing where I’d be in September until a couple of weeks ago (I have bounced between the possibilities of Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester and ‘elsewhere generally’ in the last few months) I’ve still not found anywhere to live this year. I did have two viewings lined up for today, but the agency called […]

PhD award

Upon checking my email when I got home this evening, I was amazed to find in my inbox something from the School of Computer Science telling me that I’ve been awarded a full Doctoral Training Award from the EPSRC for the PhD I applied for. Woo! Not only does the award cover fees and a […]