Alternative DNS book

Jan-Piet Mens, who I’ve met at various UKUUG events, has just released his Alternative DNS servers book as a PDF, available for free from his website. It’s well worth a read if you want to do something with DNS other than running a BIND server with zones stored in plain text files—e.g. storing DNS data […]

UKUUG Spring conference

Three days of this week were taken up by the UKUUG Spring 2010 conference, which I seemed to volunteer to lead the organisation on once again (and for next year as well by the looks of it!). I’ve still not fully recovered, probably as a result of going down with a cold the morning after […]

First draft of thesis

After another week’s worth of work, I’ve got to the stage where I have a complete full first draft of my thesis, all the way from the abstract to the conclusions. It’s now in my supervisors’ inboxes awaiting comments, though at 30,000+ words and 113 pages I suspect it will be a while before they […]

The joys of London

Since the early hours of Monday morning I have been trapped down south in London. Alas, my train got in late due to a power failure at Milton Keynes (this always seems to be where problems occur), so I had to cancel the morning meeting and arrange to go back again next week instead. On […]

Research progress

Quick update on my research as people keep asking how it’s going… I have finally got 20 participants for my experiment, which is enough to use in my thesis, although it’s still open if you want to take part. In terms of the thesis itself, two chapters are complete and approved (no changes other than […]

UKUUG Spring 2009

At the last conference call we had, I somehow managed to be volunteered for the task of running the UKUUG spring conference in 2009. We’re going to be in London this time (usually it’s the same city as the conference organiser, but we’ve used Manchester recently and haven’t had one in London for several years), […]

Games of varying silliness

Silly Games Silly Games seemed to go down well last night, even though we started late and didn’t play as many of the games as we have done in previous years. New people outnumbered the elders for once though, which is always encouraging! I am mildly annoyed that my team’s record for Sticky Toffee was […]

First week of PhD

It looks as if I’ve managed to survive the first week of my PhD—or technically MPhil as that’s what I’m registered for. Most of my time has been spent doing admin work (making sure I’m in the right groups on the network, arranging regular meetings etc.), but I now have my own desk in the […]