Life update

Four months in and freelancing is going slowly, though I’ve picked up another regular contract and received a few more enquiries now that the quiet summer holiday season is over. I’m also in the process of getting a custom design for my PHP Developer site, as I don’t think it sells me as well as […]

CV feedback request

As I’ve recently picked up a few new technical skills (e.g. configuration management with Ansible) and started freelancing, I’ve updated my CV again and would be grateful for any feedback, either via the comments or email. HTML and PDF versions can be found at and the Markdown source on GitHub. The CV is intentionally […]

Full time freelancing

Most people will have seen this news already on social media: earlier this week I handed in my notice at the University of Manchester and will be leaving at the end of June. I enjoy working there, but sadly there isn’t enough work to keep me busy, and whilst the department I work in does […]

New job

For those who haven’t seen on social media, I have recently accepted an offer for the position of Software Support Officer at the University of Manchester. The role is new, so I don’t know exactly what I’ll be doing, but broadly speaking it involves helping students with final year projects and encouraging them to do […]

Wedding and job

The last few weeks have been dominated by a wedding and a job. I spent a week (more or less, when we managed to get over there!) in Alderney for Nick & Jane’s wedding, which was a fantastic event and a chance for me to relax for a few days afterwards as I decided to […]

Keeping on top of things

I’m somehow managing to keep on top of Friends of the Earth work in Sam’s absence—probably because it’s a quieter time of the year with so many people being on holiday, although local groups conference is approaching fast (I have to organise getting the group there, as well as planning a workshop which I’m running) […]

PhD award

Upon checking my email when I got home this evening, I was amazed to find in my inbox something from the School of Computer Science telling me that I’ve been awarded a full Doctoral Training Award from the EPSRC for the PhD I applied for. Woo! Not only does the award cover fees and a […]

Job hunting

So, having pretty much finished my dissertation, other than some minor edits and a final swathe of proof-reading, and having heard nothing at all from the University regarding my PhD application, I have started looking around for a job so that I can keep my book acquisition programme going beyond the end of September. The […]