Freelancing so far

I’m now half-way into my first month of freelancing and I think things are going reasonably well. I have regular work for at least one day a week, plus a few other potential projects lined up, which is more than my initial pessimistic forecast. I also have dates for my two financial adviser exams, at […]

Full time freelancing

Most people will have seen this news already on social media: earlier this week I handed in my notice at the University of Manchester and will be leaving at the end of June. I enjoy working there, but sadly there isn’t enough work to keep me busy, and whilst the department I work in does […]

House and business plans

Despite having only been on the market for two weeks, I’ve received and accepted an offer on my house. It’s roughly what I paid for it, so if all goes to plan I won’t have have lost any money and will have effectively rented the property for the best part of two years (cost of […]

Moving back to Manchester?

I’m feeling a bit stuck where I am at the moment, and considering moving back to Manchester. Initially I thought buying a house in Bury would be the right move, but I’m having to spend the equivalent (and more) of a service charge on jobs such as new boiler, new garage roof etc. The property […]


Research topic After the confusion caused by last week’s meeting with my advisor, I didn’t really know where I was going with my research. Thankfully though, this week my two supervisors confirmed that what I had originally been thinking (i.e. detecting and linking events on the web, broadly speaking) was the right path to be […]

Games of varying silliness

Silly Games Silly Games seemed to go down well last night, even though we started late and didn’t play as many of the games as we have done in previous years. New people outnumbered the elders for once though, which is always encouraging! I am mildly annoyed that my team’s record for Sticky Toffee was […]