Ancient History UK

I recently moved all of my Ancient History (Roman and Greek) resources to a new website, Ancient History UK. It’s still a work in progress, and I’m planning to add the following over time: Places to visit in the UK, e.g. Ribchester Roman Museum Groups to join, e.g. the Classical Association Resources for topics – […]

Thoughts on my MA

I’ve finally handed in my dissertation, along with all the related paperwork, so my MA is effectively now complete—although apparently it will take until mid-November to get the results. It feels weird to have finished something which has occupied most of the last three months of my life, and to come to the end of […]


Finally, it is done, or at least it’s as complete as it’s ever going to be. I would spend a bit more time on it, but it takes five working days to be bound, and given that I have to hand it in a week on Thursday and Monday is a bank holiday I really […]

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Going Ape

On Saturday, a group of eight of us from Manchester FoE went to Go Ape, which appropriately involves swinging through trees on an assault course of varying degrees of difficulty. I really enjoyed it, and everyone else seemed to have a good time too, although we did get absolutely drenched towards the end when the […]

MA and PhD progress

Thanks to the people who commented on my previous post about not getting into Oxford. I’ve written to the head of student administration about the way my application was handled, so perhaps s/he will do something about it, though I doubt anything will change as a result. I did manage to get some feedback on […]

DPhil application submitted

I posted my DPhil application today by special delivery, so barring any gross incompetence by the Royal Mail (always a possibility) it should arrive at Oxford before 1pm tomorrow. I felt a bit guilty telling Ali and Sam about it today at our coordinators’ meeting, because it will mean that I might not be around […]

Preliminary MA results

I got my preliminary results (though still no feedback for one of my essays! grr) today for the three MA units plus my Latin exam. For the core unit I got 61%, although I knew this already, and for both of the 6,000 word essays I got 66%—which is pretty good seeing as that’s a […]

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Sorting out stuff

Out of my flat I’ve finally moved out of my flat in Manchester and am back in Bury for the time being. It’s not much fun as I can’t easily get in for FoE meetings, but on the plus side I have hardly any outgoings and a much more pleasant environment to work on my […]