PhD award

Upon checking my email when I got home this evening, I was amazed to find in my inbox something from the School of Computer Science telling me that I’ve been awarded a full Doctoral Training Award from the EPSRC for the PhD I applied for. Woo! Not only does the award cover fees and a […]

MA and PhD progress

Thanks to the people who commented on my previous post about not getting into Oxford. I’ve written to the head of student administration about the way my application was handled, so perhaps s/he will do something about it, though I doubt anything will change as a result. I did manage to get some feedback on […]

No luck at Oxford

I’ve just got a Word document attached to an email saying: “I am writing to thank you for your application for the Doctoral Studentship associated with this research project. I regret to tell you that we do not feel able to place you on the shortlist for this position. I thank you, nervertheless, [sic] for […]

DPhil application submitted

I posted my DPhil application today by special delivery, so barring any gross incompetence by the Royal Mail (always a possibility) it should arrive at Oxford before 1pm tomorrow. I felt a bit guilty telling Ali and Sam about it today at our coordinators’ meeting, because it will mean that I might not be around […]