Closer to completion

Still working on my thesis, though it’s getting closer to completion now. I’ve emailed two more draft chapters to my supervisors, so hopefully I will get some feedback at some point and smooth out all the rough edges before a final round or two or proof-reading. I actually enjoy writing it to an extent—especially as […]

Keeping on top of things

I’m somehow managing to keep on top of Friends of the Earth work in Sam’s absence—probably because it’s a quieter time of the year with so many people being on holiday, although local groups conference is approaching fast (I have to organise getting the group there, as well as planning a workshop which I’m running) […]

A week of activism

I’m not normally a big activist, usually because I’m so busy trying to keep my eye on/organise everything that I don’t get much time to actually take much action as an individual. However, this weekend I managed to lobby my MP over amendments to the Climate Change Bill and all of my MEPs on standards […]

Just to prove that I’m still alive…

…because sometimes people think that I’m not if I don’t blog, appear on MSN or update my status for over a month, here is a brief update on what I’ve been up to as of late. Friends of the Earth stuff is still taking up large chunks of my spare time, but I’m enjoying it […]

Flat hunting

Due to not knowing where I’d be in September until a couple of weeks ago (I have bounced between the possibilities of Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester and ‘elsewhere generally’ in the last few months) I’ve still not found anywhere to live this year. I did have two viewings lined up for today, but the agency called […]

Thoughts on my MA

I’ve finally handed in my dissertation, along with all the related paperwork, so my MA is effectively now complete—although apparently it will take until mid-November to get the results. It feels weird to have finished something which has occupied most of the last three months of my life, and to come to the end of […]

Going Ape

On Saturday, a group of eight of us from Manchester FoE went to Go Ape, which appropriately involves swinging through trees on an assault course of varying degrees of difficulty. I really enjoyed it, and everyone else seemed to have a good time too, although we did get absolutely drenched towards the end when the […]

DPhil application submitted

I posted my DPhil application today by special delivery, so barring any gross incompetence by the Royal Mail (always a possibility) it should arrive at Oxford before 1pm tomorrow. I felt a bit guilty telling Ali and Sam about it today at our coordinators’ meeting, because it will mean that I might not be around […]

Powering up

Last weekend I spent more time in Birmingham (which is still as horrible as I remember it) for Power Up 2007, run by Friends of the Earth. It was a good, albeit short, time away from Manchester—the workshops were informative, the food was great (as is always the case at FoE events—why can’t classics conferences […]