Busy, so very busy

As usual, I’ve been incredibly busy in the last few weeks, mostly working on ideas for my PhD and helping the run the various organisations which I’m involved in. My research seems to be slowly coming together, I have a vague idea of a framework which it should fit into and I’m reasonably confident that I have something which is both unique and useful. In fact, I’m thinking so far ahead that I’ve already written a page of the ‘future work’ section of my thesis!

I do wish there were more hours in the day though, so that I could actually do all the freelance work which people keep offering me (I get numerous calls and emails about this, even though I’ve yet to print a single business card or do any advertising beyond word-of-mouth and my business site). I find it really hard to turn down offers of work, but I’ve managed to keep my schedule reasonably free and not take on any additional contracts. In terms of the next couple of years though, I’ve heard something interesting things on the grapevine which, combined with potential positions opening in some of the groups I’m involved in, could swing things in my direction when I’m reaching the end of my PhD.

Thankfully I am now off for a short five day Easter break, although the chances of me actually relaxing and not doing any work are about as slim as my waistline. The next couple of weeks are incredibly busy, with the Classical Association AGM, followed by three days of UKUUG conference, an Manchester FoE planning meeting and #manlug’s monthly currybeer. I also need to finish my talk on OpenVPN which I’m due to give at ManLUG next month. So it’s back to the grindstone and chasing people about exciting things such as agenda items and planning meeting actions…