Job hunting

So, having pretty much finished my dissertation, other than some minor edits and a final swathe of proof-reading, and having heard nothing at all from the University regarding my PhD application, I have started looking around for a job so that I can keep my book acquisition programme going beyond the end of September.

The problem is, I’m not really sure where to apply. There is a really cool job going at MySociety which ticks all the right boxes for me – web development (my main area of expertise), charitable project, politics and media focused and flexible working location/hours – but I’m not sure if I tick their boxes. The University is another possibility, with the advantage that I’ve worked there before in two different positions and having been a student for four years means that I have a reasonable understanding of why things work (or don’t) in the way they do. Further afield is Cambridge, which has some interesting jobs going at the University there, but would mean moving away from Manchester.

Anyway, I hand in my dissertation for printing on Tuesday, and after that I will be able to dedicate all my time until conference (where I have to address an audience of several hundred people in the motions debate) on applying for jobs and, almost as important, finding somewhere to live because I’m slowly going mad with having to be in Bury. I’m fairly confident that I can find a job and a flat, but where and how much I don’t know yet.

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