Wedding and job

The last few weeks have been dominated by a wedding and a job. I spent a week (more or less, when we managed to get over there!) in Alderney for Nick & Jane’s wedding, which was a fantastic event and a chance for me to relax for a few days afterwards as I decided to stay on. Although a lot of places are technically closed outside of the main tourism period, it turned out that several people I knew on the island had keys, so I still got to see the museum and a guided tour around the island.

Some amusing moments from the trip include:

  • My disastrous attempt to vault a gate, which would have succeeded had the gate not been off the latch. Cue a crashing sound and much pain, though I was mostly worried about whether I’d damaged my suit and if anyone had caught it on film (alas, the answer turned out to be “no”).
  • The vicar being confused and having to adjust to the fact that apparently I have a Northern accent.
  • Everyone dancing in a line to Combine Harvester at Nick’s request. Quite possibly the scariest video footage the world will ever see.

If I hadn’t had a job to start the next week I might have stayed for longer (possibly permanently), which leads me on to some unexpected news… I’ve finally succumbed to the world of employment and got a real job, working as the technical manager for an insurance intermediary. I avoid discussing work on my blog as all sorts of people read it, but so far I’m happy with the role and things seem to going well.

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