Life update

Life has been pretty busy of late, particularly on the business side of things. I’ve been fully-booked since the beginning of March and this looks set to continue until at least the end of May. The fact that I am selling my time means that my business doesn’t scale, which has led a few people […]

Where to from here?

Today marks the one year anniversary of me leaving full time employment and starting my own business—something I’ve wanted to do since high school (in primary school I had slightly unrealistic ambitions, including World President). So far things are going well, I am ahead of my conservative forecasts, have regular work from several clients, and […]

Life update

Four months in and freelancing is going slowly, though I’ve picked up another regular contract and received a few more enquiries now that the quiet summer holiday season is over. I’m also in the process of getting a custom design for my PHP Developer site, as I don’t think it sells me as well as […]

The long road to freelancing

I’m roughly half-way through my notice period at my current employer, which feels like it is going very slowly. I’ve got one big project to finish before I leave—processing, registering and labelling the Raspberry Pies which we give out to new undergraduates—but other than that things are fairly quiet. Officially my final day is 30th […]

Charging for freelancing

In the past a number of people have asked me how I charge people for freelancing, both in terms of the amount and how I calculate it. This isn’t a comprehensive list, but should provide a rough guide of how I come up with prices. Per project: If a project is fairly well-defined and has […]

PHP Developer

I’ve recently spun off the PHP part of my portfolio site into PHP Developer (alas, I couldn’t get the It still needs fleshing out a bit in terms of content, and I’m not really promoting it due to my full time job, but already I’ve received a few enquiries through it as a result […]