Public speaking in lockdown

I’ve given lectures, talks, and taken part in discussion groups during lockdown, and the experience has been very different to in-person events. For me, giving a talk is more like appearing in panto or performing stand-up than recording a TV series – there are jokes, sci-fi references, provocative comments (e.g. PHP is the best programming […]

BarCamp Manchester 3

This Saturday I attended my first unconference, in the form of BarCamp Manchester 3. Part of the reason for attending was to see how the unconference model works in preparation for UKUUG’s FLOSS UK Unconference in October this year, and also to do a bit of networking within the web development community. Things stuttered slightly […]

The joys of London

Since the early hours of Monday morning I have been trapped down south in London. Alas, my train got in late due to a power failure at Milton Keynes (this always seems to be where problems occur), so I had to cancel the morning meeting and arrange to go back again next week instead. On […]

UKUUG Spring 2009

At the last conference call we had, I somehow managed to be volunteered for the task of running the UKUUG spring conference in 2009. We’re going to be in London this time (usually it’s the same city as the conference organiser, but we’ve used Manchester recently and haven’t had one in London for several years), […]

Classical Association conference 2007

Last week I spent four days at the 2007 Classical Association conference, and I’ve just about caught up with emails/sleep/other things. Apart from being in Birmingham (by far the ugliest and unnavigable city I’ve been to so far), the conference itself was great. There were lots of panels involving computing and classics in some way, […]

Conferences, courses and societies

Conferences The UKUUG conference was fantastic, I got to listen to lots of interesting talks and speak to people from all around the industry and academia (I even met someone who used to live in the same building as one of my ancient history tutors, which shows how small a world we live in). Everyone […]

Abstract coordination

My abstract for APCHC was accepted, woohoo! I really didn’t expect this to happen so it was fantastic when I got the email about it. The conference is a great place to present my first proper academic paper and having done something like this will probably look good if I apply for a PhD at […]


I’ve just sent in an abstract for the Annual Postgraduate Conference in History and Classics. The conference is supposed to be a place where MA and first year PhD students can present their research in a friendly environment, so it will hopefully give me a chance to present a paper for the first time. I’m […]

Conferences and Aikido

Future of Web Apps conference I was down in London for the The Future of Web Apps conference/summit on Wednesday, where everyone got terribly excited about this Web 2.0 stuff (I loathe the phrase Web 2.0, along with Blogosphere, but unfortunately it seems to have slipped into common use on the web). The whole day […]