Games of varying silliness

Silly Games Silly Games seemed to go down well last night, even though we started late and didn’t play as many of the games as we have done in previous years. New people outnumbered the elders for once though, which is always encouraging! I am mildly annoyed that my team’s record for Sticky Toffee was […]

Conferences, courses and societies

Conferences The UKUUG conference was fantastic, I got to listen to lots of interesting talks and speak to people from all around the industry and academia (I even met someone who used to live in the same building as one of my ancient history tutors, which shows how small a world we live in). Everyone […]

Warped Pub Crawl

Falling behind a bit here, but this Monday was Warped’s annual Halloween Pub Crawl, in which we go around pubs in fancy dress that is vaguely sci-fi/fantasy related. This year the pub crawl happened to be on Halloween night anyway, but with it being reading week and Riftworld (some LARP event) the turnout was slightly […]

Silly Games

Last night was Silly Games at Warped. For the uninitiated, this is an annual event whereby the majority of the society gathers in a room upstairs in the Burlington and plays, well, silly games, such as the following (although I’m almost certainly get one wrong)… Human Letters This involves making letters out of people, although […]

Wine and no cheese

Last night was Warped’s annual “wine and no cheese” evening, which basically involves getting drunk on wine and throwing cheese out of the window should anyone be foolish enough to bring some along (although no one did this year). I’ll keep this fairly brief to avoid earache from Kirk and Lewis at lunch. The basic […]