Research progress

Quick update on my research as people keep asking how it’s going… I have finally got 20 participants for my experiment, which is enough to use in my thesis, although it’s still open if you want to take part. In terms of the thesis itself, two chapters are complete and approved (no changes other than some minor rewordings), one chapter is almost complete but hasn’t been read by anyone else, two chapters are largely complete and one (short) chapter hasn’t been started yet.

Research and running organisations (I have a meeting almost every weekday until the end of the semester now, including two AGMs and three meetings which I have to chair) is taking up all of my time at the moment, with the occasional minor respite provided by role playing at FanBoy3. Plans for Spring 2009 are finally starting to come together and I think there will be some good events organised by UKUUG next year—though I’ll find out more next week at my first Council meeting as chairman.

Finally, as of January I’ll need to find a job, or at least some freelance work, so if anyone knows of work which is going feel free to let me know!