UKUUG Spring 2009

At the last conference call we had, I somehow managed to be volunteered for the task of running the UKUUG spring conference in 2009. We’re going to be in London this time (usually it’s the same city as the conference organiser, but we’ve used Manchester recently and haven’t had one in London for several years), with the conference theme of ‘security and system administration’. I’ve helped with the last two UKUUG conferences, so I have an idea of what to expect, but this will be the first time that I’ve taken the lead on things. I think it will be interesting though, and a useful experience, not to mention an excellent networking opportunity. The call for papers should be going out in the next week or so if anyone is interested in submitting an abstract or running a tutorial.

1 thought on “UKUUG Spring 2009

  1. It should be an excellent networking opportunity, yes. But I’m sure someone will hack it… 😉

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