The joys of London

Since the early hours of Monday morning I have been trapped down south in London. Alas, my train got in late due to a power failure at Milton Keynes (this always seems to be where problems occur), so I had to cancel the morning meeting and arrange to go back again next week instead. On the plus side, I saw Leanne for lunch before she goes away traveling, and spent the evening wandering around London with Laura, although I once again failed to make it to the British Museum, which I keep meaning to see each time I go down but never seem to get to.

The UKUUG Spring 2009 conference, which was my main reason for being down south, seemed to go well. I haven’t looked at the feedback questionnaires in detail yet but everyone said they had a good time and there were no major disasters, although I had to spend a lot of time chasing the venue for various things. We had dinner on HMS Belfast, just hours after Spandau Ballet announced their reunion, which was a pleasant change from the usual hotel-style conference dinners. It’s also the location of “the market” in Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, which is well worth a read.

Next week I am down in London on Monday to hand over the membership secretary position which I’ve been performing for the last nine months or so, then back again on Thursday for a UKUUG council meeting and coming back via Birmingham for a board meeting on Friday where I have to give a presentation. I think this month I will have actually spent almost as much time away from Manchester as I have at my flat…

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  1. That’s actually not too far off what one of them said… (I think her words were “one of many?”).

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