Achievement unlocked: House sale

My house sale completed yesterday, so I can no longer tell people to “get orf my land” in a Somerset accent. I’m now looking for a flat in the city centre or Didsbury, on the basis that being in Bury is a crimp on my social life – plus another reason which I can’t mention […]

Solicitors for house sales and purchases

Recently I was asked for recommendations on which solicitors to use for house sales/purchases. I ended up composing a fairly lengthy email, and thought it might be useful to others as well. None of this is legal advice for your specific situation – it’s more a general guide as to how you might find someone […]

House and business plans

Despite having only been on the market for two weeks, I’ve received and accepted an offer on my house. It’s roughly what I paid for it, so if all goes to plan I won’t have have lost any money and will have effectively rented the property for the best part of two years (cost of […]

House on the market

My house is now officially on the market and has made its way onto Rightmove and Zoopla (between them they more or less control the online market). So far the estate agents have been quick and efficient, generally turning things around the next working day (by industry standards, that is lightning speed). Current plan is […]

Moving preparations

The estate agent came round yesterday and took some photographs – fortunately as they sold the house last time and I haven’t done any internal structural work they can re-use the floor plans and measurements, which saves a lot of time. They picked up a few minor issues which might put off some sellers, but […]

Moving back to Manchester?

I’m feeling a bit stuck where I am at the moment, and considering moving back to Manchester. Initially I thought buying a house in Bury would be the right move, but I’m having to spend the equivalent (and more) of a service charge on jobs such as new boiler, new garage roof etc. The property […]

Potential new home

After a few weeks of house hunting, I have found a property I like enough to put in an offer (which has been accepted by the vendor). It’s near to my parents and grandparents, on a reasonably quiet road and with elderly neighbours who keep their gardens in top shape and are unlikely to have […]

Back in Bury

As some people will already know, I’ve now moved back to my parents’ house in Bury. Partly this is because my flat was too small to live and work in, but also because I’ve decided that I’d prefer to buy a three bedroom semi on a nice estate in Bury than fork out for a […]

Property hunting

For the past six months or so I’ve been seriously looking for a place to buy. Although there are no major problems with where I live now—the rent is reasonable and my landlord doesn’t give me any trouble—I’m starting to outgrow the space, especially as I work from home. There’s also the financial implications, if […]