Closer to completion

Still working on my thesis, though it’s getting closer to completion now. I’ve emailed two more draft chapters to my supervisors, so hopefully I will get some feedback at some point and smooth out all the rough edges before a final round or two or proof-reading. I actually enjoy writing it to an extent—especially as I’m starting to get the hang of statistical analysis, thanks to Statistics in a Nutshell—it’s just the feeling that the whole thing is dragging on far longer than it should which annoys me.

I also found out that phpBB is utterly unextendable into a full-blown content management system, so I’m currently laying out a framework for a new version of Rogue Students—something I’ve been meaning to do for some time now. Hopefully once the groundwork is laid I can rapidly add new features such as a decent forum system and the ability for users to submit articles to the site.

In other news, the major change recently is that I stepped down from being a joint coordinator of Manchester Friends of the Earth, which was a tough decision to make but I wasn’t enjoying the role and it was probably time to give someone else a turn at the rudder. It feels strange not to have to deal with FoE work on a daily basis, but I am far less stressed out as a result. I don’t think there are any other opportunities in the pipeline, so hopefully things will stay quiet on the volunteer front until I’ve got my thesis in.