Goals for 2011

New goals for this year: Buy house—assuming I’m still gainfully employed and the banks start to lend to people without £30k+ deposits. Continue to sign up new clients to web/email hosting package, with the goal of having 5-10 clients by the end of the year. Goals carried over from last year: Redesign and rewrite my […]

Merry Christmas

Highlights from today: The slightly worrying suggestion that when Chris sees The Prince (Niccolò Machiavelli), he thinks of me. A black metal teapot with built-in infuser and a tin full of loose leaf darjeeling. A desk diary which contains a different paper plane design for each day of 2011. Confirmation of my earlier suspicion that […]

Custom WordPress theme designer needed

One of my hosting clients is looking to launch a new website for their company, which provides ecology consulting and training services newt and bat surveys, reports for planning permission committees etc.) to other businesses. They’re looking for a unique custom theme to use with their existing WordPress install, which needs to look professional but […]

Alderney photos

I have now finished uploading most of my Alderney photos onto flickr. I don’t own a fancy camera—and I don’t know enough about photography to make use of one anyway—so the photos are unlikely to win any awards, but they should give you an idea of what it’s like on one of the few remaining […]

Alternative DNS book

Jan-Piet Mens, who I’ve met at various UKUUG events, has just released his Alternative DNS servers book as a PDF, available for free from his website. It’s well worth a read if you want to do something with DNS other than running a BIND server with zones stored in plain text files—e.g. storing DNS data […]

Back from Alderney

Last night I got back from my trip to Alderney, a constituent of the Channel Islands (the only one actually in the Channel as it happens) which I first visited last year for Nick and Jane’s wedding – though this trip involved slightly less running around and pushing people about on scaffolding. 🙂 Some thoughts […]

Writing and releasing open source software

One of my goals for this year was to contribute to an open source project, in the form of filing/fixing bugs, as a way of giving something back because open source software makes my life a lot easier. I’ve partly managed this through filing numerous documentation bug reports—some of which have been fixed already—and in […]

Pub Gateway progress

After a few weeks of being too busy to code, I have finally settled back into a routine of working on my pub site. I have given up on frameworks, as all the ones I tried fell into one or more of the following boxes: Poor documentation. Difficult requirements (e.g. Lithium, which looks great but […]

Disabling bluetooth on startup in Ubuntu

I recently bought a new netbook (Samsung NC10) for taking on the train when I go to London, Birmingham etc. for meetings. So far it’s been an excellent buy, except that the battery life has been nowhere near the five hours quoted in the literature and I’ve only managed to get less than two hours […]