Pub Gateway update

For the last couple of months I’ve been working on Pub Gateway, a guide to pubs within the British Isles. I’d spent too long attempting to create a perfect setup, trying out all the PHP frameworks, as well as Django (Python) and Catalyst (Perl). In the end I figured out it was quicker to put together my own PHP code than learn how any one framework did things—particularly because most of them make it difficult to bring in code from other sources (e.g. if I used symfony I’d also want parts of Zend Framework).

There’s still a lot of features to be added, such as pub ratings, a ‘find pubs near postcode’ feature (mostly done, just need to build the interface), forums and many more. However, the basic functionality of the site (register, suggest pubs, add comments) is done and ready to go.

I also need to find someone to produce a design and logo for the site, as a piece of paid work—please drop me a line if you know someone who is UK based and able to do this.

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