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Property hunting

For the past six months or so I’ve been seriously looking for a place to buy. Although there are no major problems with where I live now—the rent is reasonable and my landlord doesn’t give me any trouble—I’m starting to…
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Pub Gateway update

For the last couple of months I’ve been working on Pub Gateway, a guide to pubs within the British Isles. I’d spent too long attempting to create a perfect setup, trying out all the PHP frameworks, as well as Django…
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As part of my efforts to learn Python, I’ve started a small project called quackjson, which is intended to be a reimplementation of qUAck using the uaJSON interface. As with qUAck, it uses curses for writing output to the terminal,…
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PHP Developer

I’ve recently spun off the PHP part of my portfolio site into PHP Developer (alas, I couldn’t get the It still needs fleshing out a bit in terms of content, and I’m not really promoting it due to my…
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Goals for 2011

New goals for this year: Buy house—assuming I’m still gainfully employed and the banks start to lend to people without £30k+ deposits. Continue to sign up new clients to web/email hosting package, with the goal of having 5-10 clients by…
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Refusing censorship

A Merry Christmas to all Bankers demonstrates that universities still have the ability and courage to stand up to powerful vested interests, who should have been reading the publication rather than trying to ban it.

Merry Christmas

Highlights from today: The slightly worrying suggestion that when Chris sees The Prince (Niccolò Machiavelli), he thinks of me. A black metal teapot with built-in infuser and a tin full of loose leaf darjeeling. A desk diary which contains a…
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