Pub Gateway update

For the last couple of months I’ve been working on Pub Gateway, a guide to pubs within the British Isles. I’d spent too long attempting to create a perfect setup, trying out all the PHP frameworks, as well as Django (Python) and Catalyst (Perl). In the end I figured out it was quicker to put […]

Pub Gateway progress

After a few weeks of being too busy to code, I have finally settled back into a routine of working on my pub site. I have given up on frameworks, as all the ones I tried fell into one or more of the following boxes: Poor documentation. Difficult requirements (e.g. Lithium, which looks great but […]

Announcing… Pub Gateway!

Pub Gateway is now available for your viewing pleasure. A few things to note: The design is simple, because I’m not an artist and can’t create amazing logos. I’ll probably pay someone to come up with a decent design and logo at a later date. There are only a few pubs available as I haven’t […]