Preliminary MA results

I got my preliminary results (though still no feedback for one of my essays! grr) today for the three MA units plus my Latin exam. For the core unit I got 61%, although I knew this already, and for both of the 6,000 word essays I got 66%—which is pretty good seeing as that’s a good merit and it’s the first time I’ve written an ancient history essay. The feedback for my Demes and Democracy essay was generally positive, apparently I made an interesting original linguistic point and put forward some shrewd arguments, which is high praise considering the comments were coming from very respected academics in the field. I also got a comment saying that my rebuttal of an eminent scholar’s argument was convincing, which I thought was rather amusing given that the scholar in question is a prominent academic with lots of published material and I’m just an MA student who yet to obtain any qualification in this area. 🙂

Unfortunately the Latin utterly took me to pieces though—I got 40%, which wouldn’t even be a pass at MA level had I not done so well in the essays to compensate. Not only is it a pretty rubbish mark, but it pulls down my average so I will probably get a pass overall instead of the merit I was aiming for. I suspect it also sinks any chance of getting the DPhil, I think when they see a breakdown of my results they won’t even bother to invite me for an interview. 🙁 I would rant about being in four different classes for Latin this year, but it would probably just make me sound bitter (which I am to an extent).

So, everything now hangs on my dissertation, which is coming along slowly. My tutor didn’t turn up for our meeting today, but hopefully I will see him before the end of the week because I need him to act as a referee for my application, as well as to run a few things by him before he goes away on holiday. I think if I do a really good job on this I might just scrape a merit, but I’m not sure.

Ah well, in good news I had my professional membership of the British Computer Society confirmed, which might be a useful thing to have if I go for jobs. It also grants me the right to use the postnominals MBCS, although I doubt I will ever use them (I don’t bother using my MIET postnominals either).

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2 thoughts on “Preliminary MA results

  1. FFS. BCS member? Gay.

    Good news on the stuff though… don’t worry about Latin. All you need to know is that Caecelius est in via.

  2. Well done on the marks in the 60s! Sounds like you’ve done pretty well under less than ideal circumstances.

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