Finally, it is done, or at least it’s as complete as it’s ever going to be. I would spend a bit more time on it, but it takes five working days to be bound, and given that I have to hand it in a week on Thursday and Monday is a bank holiday I really need to send it off for binding tomorrow. After that, I will have finished my MA, and it will just be a case of sitting around and waiting for the result, or in my case running around trying to find a job in the meantime…

Update: It appears that I am a basket case, or a time traveller, or both, as I don’t have to get my dissertation bound until next week. I’ve been working to my super paranoid ‘must get it finished on time’ timetable, which is good as it means that I can now add in a couple of extra sections which I was otherwise going to leave out for reasons of space.

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