Wine and no cheese

Last night was Warped’s annual “wine and no cheese” evening, which basically involves getting drunk on wine and throwing cheese out of the window should anyone be foolish enough to bring some along (although no one did this year).

I’ll keep this fairly brief to avoid earache from Kirk and Lewis at lunch. The basic highlights (if you can call them that) were:

  • Jon being very upmarket and going to get a proper wine glass from the bar instead of drinking out of plastic cups.
  • Meeting a guy who’s doing an MSc and wants to do his PhD in techniques for restoring old Doctor Who episodes. Seriously cool stuff if you’re either a fan of the series or into graphics and media. He apologised at the end of the night for not saying much to me because he figured I already knew most of it. 🙂
  • Gemma bought chocolates for everyone who had helped at freshers fair as a way of saying “thanks”, which was really nice of her and made me feel appreciated.
  • Trying to force the rubbish into one of the bins outside afterwards didn’t quite work as I expected and I ended up with the remnants of a bottle of red wine down my jeans.
  • Somehow Andrew managed to get in touch with me by getting Nicky to text Amy to ask me for my number, send it back to Nicky who gave it to him so he could ring me. Very confusing!

I don’t know why (well I guess I do in some ways) but I felt really fed up on the bus home though, which kind of spoilt things and I got absolutely soaked as the heavens opened just as I got onto my road. 🙁

Compsoc also clicked back into place a few hours before I set off so that made very happy. Expecting a flood of “you stupid admins, why does this keep happening?”, I was greeted by a message saying “keep up the good work” instead.

Finally, I went to the Comedy Store with Justine on Sunday evening. Got lost on the way there and arrived late, although apparently I only missed the musician who wasn’t a bit talentless anyway judging by his second performance later in the evening. The comedians were hilarious, apart from the stupid girl that they had on who had the kind of voice that sounds like nails against a blackboard, and it was definitely worth going, if a bit pricey (£6 for a student ticket).

Anyway, I’d best get back to fixing Compsoc stuff and writing my draft project proposal that has to be done for Friday. No rest for the wicked…