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Last night was Silly Games at Warped. For the uninitiated, this is an annual event whereby the majority of the society gathers in a room upstairs in the Burlington and plays, well, silly games, such as the following (although I’m almost certainly get one wrong)…

Human Letters

This involves making letters out of people, although our team didn’t manage awfully well due in part to the ridiculous differences in height between Rachel and I compared to Kirk. I think we ended up with the least points in the end, mainly because we stood around thinking about how to make the letters rather than actually doing them. I also had the joys of having to demostrate how to make the letter ‘T’ at the start of the game, which involved Jon picking me up and holding me sort of horizontal – thankfully he didn’t drop me! 🙂

Weeble (something or other)

This involves holding your leg behind your back with both hands and hopping towards your opponent(s) with the aim of knocking them over, or at least losing their grip, without falling down yourself.

Cock Fighting

By this point I was almost too tired to demonstrate, having being picked up and nearly dropped several times, crashed into and having to carry goodness knows how many copies of Student Direct from the union. Cock fighting basically involves putting both hands on your hips and bouncing on bended legs towards the other player with the aim of knocking them over (see a pattern emerging here?). I somehow managed to knock Henry over with a vicious shoulder barge, although I gave up after the first game through sheer exhaustion. although I got to temporarily be the referee whilst Jon was playing.


I didn’t partake in this game, but Kirk made an excellent steed for Rachel and managed to either win or draw against everyone they came up against. For anyone sensible enough to have not played this game, jousting involves one person with rolled up newspaper being given a piggy back by someone else and charging towards the other players with the aim of knocking them off.

Sticky Toffee

This is by far and away the most exhilarating game. Everyone who is brave (foolish?) enough to take part is split into two teams, one being the Hammer and the other the Toffee. The idea of the game is for the Toffee to stick together by basically hanging on for dear life whilst the Hammer tries to break them apart. Once you’ve been removed from the Toffee, you can’t go back, so gradually the group gets smaller until there are just two people left to separate.

Our team was up first, and we managed a good few minutes before the other players figured out that it might be a good idea to concentrate their efforts on one or two people at a time rather than all of us at once. Towards the end it was just Eddie and I holding on to each other and although we were eventually pulled apart we last long enough to set a new record of four minutes and fourty four seconds! The lacklustre effort of team two combined with our grossly superior tactics meant that they lasted one minute exactly in the same position.

There were a couple of other games played as well but the ones mentioned above were the most amusing. It’s rather difficult to explain to people who weren’t there though, so if you don’t have a clue what I’m on about perhaps you should turn up next year! 😉 Or you could just stay at home like most sensible people.

Speaking of sensibilities, I think I took the games far too seriously this year, resulting in a headache on the way home and waking up to a feeling of what might be expected had one been beaten up or fallen down the stairs on the way back. I had burns round my wrist, a huge bruise on my back (but not visible, I could just feel it), a jaw that felt like it had been landed a left hook and shoulders that hurt intensely if I moved them – not to mention a sore neck, stretched arms and a painful chest. Thankfully I’m still young though and after a couple of ibuprofens and a cup of coffee everything is more or less back to normal.

In other news, I haven’t really been up to much else recently. I’m still not sure if the week has got off to a good or bad start yet, but there’s the General Meeting at the Union tomorrow which should be interesting, plus I have to go shopping, cash some cheques (always good) and visit the library, as well as catching up on the huge amount of reading I have to do.

Update: Kate has posted some photos of Silly Games on her web site.

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  1. And great fun it was. I have a rather bad back now, I think from you leaning backwards and trying to do an S Paul, cause it’s only on one side.

    Nevermatter. It’ll get better…

  2. I’m fairly sure that no one ended up with permanent injuries, although I haven’t seen the freshers since Monday so I can’t guarantee that. 🙂

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