Review of the year

Have done this for the last three years, so here I go again… Best bands seen: Haven’t seen any, though I was mercilessly mocked for not knowing who Ash and Damien Rice were (or indeed James Blunt, but people were more of the opinion that this was a good thing). Worst bands: As above. 🙂 […]


Ack, it’s been almost a month since I last posted a proper update. I’m so busy at the moment (even more so than usual, if that’s possible), think I may well have taken on slightly too much this year and should probably drop some of my responsibilities, though I’m not sure that I can do […]

Sorting out stuff

Out of my flat I’ve finally moved out of my flat in Manchester and am back in Bury for the time being. It’s not much fun as I can’t easily get in for FoE meetings, but on the plus side I have hardly any outgoings and a much more pleasant environment to work on my […]

PhD thoughts

I still haven’t heard anything about the PhD opportunity in my old department, other than that funding has been applied for but they won’t know if it’s been granted for another month or so. I’ve tried looking for individual funding (the research councils only give money directly to universities for specific projects, rather than individuals), […]

48 hours

Well, that was an interesting and rather unexpected 48 hours of randomness. Will post again if anything else happens as a result.

f2o to close its doors

I was a bit sad today when I opened my email to see a message from Dan Cody announcing that freedom2operate (f2o) will be shutting down in the next few weeks due to the time and cost of maintaining the service and the abuse of some of the free accounts. I don’t know if anyone […]

Saving the Ancient History A level

If, like me, you’re concerned about the end of Ancient History A-level, then there is now an e-petition that you can sign to try and stop OCR’s plans. I don’t think it will make that much of a difference because as far as I’m aware the Prime Minister doesn’t have much control over education as […]

Some changes about these parts

I’ve finally given up maintaining my old custom blogging system and, after several hours of messing around with SQL statements, have converted over to WordPress. All the old entries and comments have been moved across and the design is still the same for the most part, although I haven’t finished editing the templates for all […]