Saving the Ancient History A level

If, like me, you’re concerned about the end of Ancient History A-level, then there is now an e-petition that you can sign to try and stop OCR’s plans. I don’t think it will make that much of a difference because as far as I’m aware the Prime Minister doesn’t have much control over education as a whole (either that or he doesn’t care about how messed up and commercialised the system has become over the last ten years) and certainly not over individual exam boards. Perhaps if it gets enough signatures though it will at least open a debate on the topic.

Also, there’s a listing on PledgeBank where you can pledge to write to your MP and the Secretary of State for Education and Skills about OCR’s decision to scrap the Ancient History A level, should you be so inclined. Hopefully some other people will sign up as well, but I’m going to send a letter off at some point anyway because I think it’s important and particularly relevant to David Chaytor MP as Holy Cross is in his constituency and has only just started offering this course.