No luck at Oxford

I’ve just got a Word document attached to an email saying:

“I am writing to thank you for your application for the Doctoral Studentship associated with this research project. I regret to tell you that we do not feel able to place you on the shortlist for this position. I thank you, nervertheless, [sic] for your interest and wish you every success in your future academic career.”

It’s not on a University of Oxford letterhead, and looks as if it was knocked up in about five minutes in Word. They didn’t bother to separately acknowledge receipt of my application either.

So I’m not good enough for Oxford and Manchester hasn’t got back to me about funding for the other PhD, which I presume isn’t going to happen. I must be really rubbish if they can’t even be bothered to interview me. I’m really upset too, as I genuinely thought I had a chance at this, what with it being in my two areas of interest/expertise. 🙁

Ah well, I suppose I will be staying in Manchester and attempting to get a job like everyone else. I guess this means I can continue doing FoE stuff and perhaps work on my business plans a bit more.

4 thoughts on “No luck at Oxford

  1. Sorry to hear that. I’m sure it doesn’t mean that you’re rubbish, as I know you’re a very capable person and a very well rounded individual (though obviously not in the physical sense)! I mean you got accepted on a Master’s course for something totally unrelated to your 1st degree, that’s pretty impressive. Plus you did all that whilst managing to run a business and stay active in FoE! It probably just means that there was somebody else who just had slightly more experience in the specific area. Maybe another PhD project would be more suited to you. Lucky you don’t have to work with such a rude department if they can barely be bothered to aknowledge your application. Oh well, at least you escape the stress of uni, get to stay in Manchester and earn more money than you otherwise would. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to do next.

  2. Well, that’s a bit of a shitter, admittedly. It’s a bit crap that it’s a) over email, and b) not on a letterhead. But that’s more a failure of the department, as Nicky states

    But, let’s face it—most people don’t even get the chance to be rejected by Oxford for a PhD, never mind being accepted.

    Good luck finding a job soon. You’ve certainly got better credentials than I had at that age (no, I don’t mean 8).

  3. That is shocking how they have done that!

    As everyone else has pointed out look at what you have achieved and look at what you can achieve – go back in 3 years time and give Oxford the V’s and show them what Paul Waring is made of!!

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