Pub Gateway progress

After a few weeks of being too busy to code, I have finally settled back into a routine of working on my pub site. I have given up on frameworks, as all the ones I tried fell into one or more of the following boxes:

  1. Poor documentation.
  2. Difficult requirements (e.g. Lithium, which looks great but requires a version of PHP which is not yet in Debian stable).
  3. Missing components, such as an OpenID class.

Instead, I’ve linked lots of existing classes (MDB2 for database access, Smarty for templates, Zend_OpenId_Consumer for OpenID etc.) and created some extremely simple models for accessing database rows as objects.

The following tasks are now complete:

  1. All the basic backend code for connecting to the database, fetching and displaying data, checking whether a user is logged in etc.
  2. Logging in and creating a user account using OpenID – and the session handling code works for non-OpenID accounts too.
  3. Viewing individual pubs, and a list of the latest pubs added to the site.

Still to finish before launch:

  1. Creating a user account if you don’t have OpenID.
  2. Pub searching.
  3. Adding comments to pubs.

Ideally I’d like to have the ability to submit pubs ready before launch, but I don’t think that’s essential as I can do the initial database population myself. I want to have the basic version ready for when I go to Alderney towards the end of the month, which leaves just over two weeks to finish the bulk of the work.