Announcing… Pub Gateway!

Pub Gateway is now available for your viewing pleasure.

A few things to note:

  1. The design is simple, because I’m not an artist and can’t create amazing logos. I’ll probably pay someone to come up with a decent design and logo at a later date.
  2. There are only a few pubs available as I haven’t written the interface to submit them.
  3. There are no photos of pubs because I need to buy myself a new digital camera.
  4. The ‘nearby information’ feature (e.g. ‘railway stations with X miles of the pub) isn’t ready yet – mainly because I found that the metadata I need is not marked up properly on Wikipedia. It will probably take me a few weekends to fix all the 483 pages so that the useful information can be extracted.

However, the main structure of the site is in place (mod_rewrite rules, user authentication, templates to display basic details about a pub etc.) so it’s now a case of gradually building up all the features necessary to make a complete site.

2 thoughts on “Announcing… Pub Gateway!

  1. Most of the other pub sites I’ve seen are full of ads, pop-ups etc., so I decided to build one of my own.

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