250 Who

I have written a lot of Doctor Who reviews over the last few years, mainly for podcasts that I listen to (both have mostly finished their classic stories now). I am gradually uploading them to a new site, 250 Who (because they’re 250 words or less). Let me you know if you have any thoughts […]

Voyage of the Damned

Or Robots of Death II, as so many of the plot elements seem to have been taken from this Tom Baker classic story. Still, it was an entertaining watch, with the usual Doctor Who magic, plenty of cultural references and satire. Kylie was much better than expected, much better than her appearance in Street Fighter. […]

R.I.P Verity Lambert

Doctor Who’s first producer dies (she also worked on Jonathan Creek and May to December, amongst many other things, as was the youngest (and first female) producer at the BBC).

Blink and you’ll miss it

Haven’t posted for a while due to essay deadlines, exams and just generally being busy… Blink This week’s Doctor Who was a bit weird, not to mention depressing. The Weeping Angels were extremely creepy, perhaps one of the most frightening (in terms of both visuals and what they do) Who monsters yet. The story itself […]


I’m not sure entirely what to make of the most recent episode of Doctor Who, apart from the fact that it’s now broadcast more episodes than Star Trek (although it’s been around longer anyway, the only reason why it didn’t pull ahead before was due to the cancellation of the show in 1989). There didn’t […]

The Shakespeare Code

Tonight’s Doctor Who episode was great, lots of quotes and linguistic nods. The Harry Potter references in particular made me chuckle – I hope my sisters were watching it because they would have enjoyed those (apparently it’s now cool and perhaps even trendy to watch Doctor Who, unlike when I used to be ribbed mercilessly […]

Third series of Doctor Who

Doctor Who is back on our television screens once more for a third (or twenty ninth if you see it as a continuation of the classic series) season. I watched the first episode on Saturday night and thought it was okay, although I still feel that the stories are a bit short and over too […]