The Shakespeare Code

Tonight’s Doctor Who episode was great, lots of quotes and linguistic nods. The Harry Potter references in particular made me chuckle – I hope my sisters were watching it because they would have enjoyed those (apparently it’s now cool and perhaps even trendy to watch Doctor Who, unlike when I used to be ribbed mercilessly for being a fan during the 90’s). All the times where the Doctor gave Shakespeare various lines for his plays – including ones that he wasn’t allowed to use – were what I consider to be ‘classic’ Who moments, proving that the old magic is still there, albeit with a different writing team and a theme tune that just doesn’t cut it compared to the 70’s version. I’m not sure that David Tennant pulls off the wisdom and intelligence act that previous actors managed, but I think that might be down to his youthful look and he’s still adjusting to the role so I can’t criticise him too harshly for that.

Next week’s episode apparently involves villains called the Pharmacists, which unfortunately means that the only image I have in my head now is of the Doctor desperately trying to defeat Sarah, Eddy and Gemma’s plans to take over the world. 😉