Life update

Life has been pretty busy of late, particularly on the business side of things. I’ve been fully-booked since the beginning of March and this looks set to continue until at least the end of May. The fact that I am selling my time means that my business doesn’t scale, which has led a few people to ask if I’ve considered employing someone to take on the overflow. The answer is ‘yes, but…’

  1. At the moment I’m not sure how long this amount of work will last. When it’s just me I can be fairly laid-back because I can cut expenditure and work on side projects during quiet periods. If I employ someone else there’s continual pressure to bring in enough work to pay one flexible salary (mine) and one fixed salary (theirs).
  2. I’ve never managed anyone before, at least not in the employer/employee sense. I’ve been in charge of volunteers but that’s a different kettle of fish, and whilst I’ve held senior positions they’ve rarely come with much in the way of line management.
  3. I’m terrified of screwing up and causing someone else to lose their job, struggle with rent/mortgage payments etc.
  4. I’ve no idea how I would find an employee, and I definitely don’t want to hire someone I know already.

Outside of work I’ve identified two possibilities I want to pursue—a political position (a long shot) and a part-time PhD (also a long shot due to the fact that most places demand a first and I ‘only’ got a 2:1) or some other additional qualification (law still appeals).

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  1. Why not offer some form of work experience (short term) with a limited (expensies) salery so not to huge a cost to you, valuable expeierence for you both and an opportunity for someone to gain valuable experience/reference’s.

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