Where to from here?

Today marks the one year anniversary of me leaving full time employment and starting my own business—something I’ve wanted to do since high school (in primary school I had slightly unrealistic ambitions, including World President). So far things are going well, I am ahead of my conservative forecasts, have regular work from several clients, and my average monthly invoices are about the same as my University salary.

I am not sure where to go from here though. Life is ticking along in general but not in any particular direction. There are things I want to achieve (e.g. chairmanship of a quoted company) but I have no idea how.

The result of the EU referendum has made me consider getting back involved in party politics, but there are two things opposing that. One is that I’ve been there before, and I got increasingly frustrated by the lack of moderates—perhaps unsurprisingly, party activists tend to have less flexible and fluid views and opinions. The other is that there are one or two voluntary positions coming up which I would like to apply for, but they require me to be politically independent.

I’ve considered doing another qualification, as I enjoy learning (and, if I’m honest, acquiring shiny bits of paper with my name and postnominals). The Open University offers a graduate entry law degree, where you effectively do the course in two years (four years part time) instead of three, which I suspect would interest and challenge me. Law was probably my favourite subject at college, and certain areas—particularly contracts and intellectual property—impact on the organisations I’ve involved with.