Goals for 2019

I didn’t do terribly well on my goals for 2018:

  • Improve photography skills: Failed, I can’t even find my camera.
  • Finish Configuration Management with Ansible training course and deliver it at least once: Failed, although I have added another couple of exercises.
  • Read 50 books: Success! According to my Goodreads challenge, I managed 70 books out of my target of 50.

2018 was a bad year health-wise too, I started having chest problems (pain and shortness of breath) early in the year and they’re still not resolved, although they are under control. I’ve been bounced all over the NHS system and as a result I’ve missed a lot of events such as Currybeer and Geek Walks, though the Saturday strikes at Northern Rail haven’t helped. I also had to step back from the voluntary groups I was involved in, as I couldn’t guarantee to make it to meetings.

On the positive side I bought a flat, so I now have more space for my book collection, plus I have access to more frequent public transport links (e.g. my bus home in the evenings is every 20 minutes instead of every hour, plus it takes about 45 minutes instead of 60+, and I can fall back on the tram if the buses aren’t running). I also managed to give two pieces of feedback to the NHS which have resulted in improvements for all patients using the same services, so I’m pleased about that.

I’m struggling to think of 2019 goals which are achievable, and I’m wondering if setting goals is actually a good idea, but the ones I have to date are:

  • Launch software to help teachers write end of year reports: This is in progress, and even if it doesn’t take off I’m using it as an opportunity to learn Laravel, a PHP framework which will be useful for my business. I’ve decided to focus on this, to the exclusion of other side projects.
  • Finish furnishing flat: I still need a fridge/freezer, some more bookcases and an armchair/sofa. I want to get the latter from a furniture reclaim shop, both to reduce my environmental impact and to save money, but I’m waiting for them to have something in that I like.
  • Read 50 books: Based on previous years, I’m confident I can achieve this goal.

I do have other vague goals, like wanting to get back into attending events and feeling a bit happier, but those are harder to measure and so I can’t tell whether I’ve achieved them.