Goals for 2018

This year has been a poor one for achieving the goals I set in January:

  • Improve photography skills: Failed, although thanks to Lesley I have some resources to help me now.
  • KAM Tools (software startup): Failed due to a lack of available time. Company is now being wound up.
  • Training courses: Partial success, in that I’ve made considerable progress with my Ansible workshop.
  • Discworld and Wheel of Time: Partial success as I’m on book 8 of Discworld and book 2 of Wheel of Time.
  • Filing Reminders and Pub Gateway: Failed, though I have learned a reasonable amount about Laravel in the process.
  • Learn to drive: Failed (not had a single lesson!)
  • Fiction writing: Partial success, written a few more chapters.
  • TLS: Success! Pretty much all of my websites are on TLS now and I’m just nailing down the final few.

On the plus side, if the paperwork ever gets finished then I will achieved my longer-term goal of owning a house (well, a flat) in a more convenient location. I’ve also stepped down from one voluntary position and will be handing over another in January. I didn’t set any explicit business goals but I have now built things up to the point where I have a steady pipeline of work, a waiting list of potential clients and enough income that I don’t have to worry about money and can save for retirement.

Goals for 2018 are a bit more realistic:

  • Improve photography skills, now that I have some resources to help me.
  • Finish Configuration Management with Ansible training course and deliver it at least once.
  • Read 50 books (I managed 41 of my target of 40 so far this year according to GoodReads).

I’m sure I’ll add some more during the course of the year, but the above seem like enough to be getting on with considering that I’m trying to run a small business at the same time.