Marching on with the thesis

I seem to have spent most of the Easter weekend working on my thesis, which was rather boring but I’ve made lots of progress—one whole chapter is redrafted and emailed to my supervisor, and a technical report template is also on its way. Things are looking much better now, all I have left to do is:

  • Move around the existing material in the methodology and discussion chapters.
  • Add in some further analysis which says how unique and fantastically brilliant my research is.
  • Tidy up the future work chapter so that it all ties together and think of some final mind-blowing conclusions that prove the utility of my work—or at least convince the examiners to give me the degree.
  • Finish another technical report discussing how to build/deploy the system.

Lucy also pointed me in the direction of some similar research, which probably doesn’t overlap too much with my work and is sufficiently different to enable me to spend a few paragraphs distancing it from my research.

If I can keep working on the thesis at a reasonable pace, I’m hoping to have a complete draft handed in by the end of April, and the whole shebang to be done by mid-May. There will probably be at least a month between me handing in the thesis for binding and hearing anything back, but once it’s in I can’t do anything else and so won’t need to worry about it.

Finally, whoever took the executive decision to screen the utter rubbish that is Red Dwarf: Back to Earth on Dave this weekend has just been “promoted” to the position of first against the wall when the revolution comes, leapfrogging Michael Grade (crimes against Doctor Who), the people who thought double-spacing in essays/theses looks better (crimes against typesetting) and Gordon Brown (crimes against finance, amongst many other things).

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  1. Back to Earth was quite good as a long episode, just not as 3 separate ones.

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