Protecting MPs from terrorism?

Via BBC News: MPs to get £1.3m security screen

“Plans to install a £1.3m bullet proof screen in the House of Commons have been approved by MPs.”

I’m not sure what exactly to make of this. On the one hand I’m all in favour of protecting people from terrorism, but on the other hand we do seem to be panicking somewhat about threats from al-Queida et al. What I’ve noticed recently is a huge knee-jerk reaction by the government to the possibility of terrorist attacks in Britain, which in a way is making people worried and therefore could well be doing the terrorists’ job for them.

To be honest I don’t like the idea that the public gallery will no longer be public after the summer of next year, but I suppose Parliament is a potential target for attacks. I notice that the Lords don’t seem to be getting any protection though…

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1 thought on “Protecting MPs from terrorism?

  1. when I went to the HoP (well I didn’t actually go in) years and years ago (10 years, maybe). They checked everyones stuff when you went in, I think there might even have been metal detectors and stuff.

    Surely they still have that in place, makes you wonder about the needs.

    I mean terrorists could probably go to great lenghts.. A guy could come in with a bazooka, and run rumpage though the HoP to kill the PM, and i’m sure there is no deffence you could put in place against that.

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