No vacation work for me

I was hoping to get some vacation work during the summer holidays in the computer science department at university, but unfortunately this year there aren’t many positions available and I didn’t get one. I’m not too disappointed though – I had hoped to get a position because my tutor mentioned that there might be some Java stuff on – because I’m only a first year and I don’t think we’re top of the list anyway.

I really need to find something to do over the summer though, preferably something which earns money so that I can prepare for next year when I’ll be renting private accomodation. f2o is offering an internship which looks interesting, although unfortunately I’ll probably be ineligible because they’re in a different timezone. I might apply anyway though, because it’d be good experience. Unfortunately it’s an unpaid position but perhaps I can get a job working elsewhere at the same time to bring in some money.

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7 thoughts on “No vacation work for me

  1. Its called Bar work mate – join the club! though for me living out of halls is cheaper than in halls! so i will be slightly better off!

  2. Bar work doesn’t pay much though – I certainly wouldn’t get £200+/week unless I put in over 40 hours. The computing work would have been easier, more interesting and better paid.

  3. Depends where you work nd if u includ tips or not in ur income (Mr Tax Man I do!!) 😉 £200+ is easy cash! especally over the wedding season in a hotel – where ur working 12 hours a day fri nd sat!

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