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I forgot to post this at the time (shows how modest and/or drunk I was) but I won the computing award at the Presentation Evening for our old sixth form college – apparently I got the highest marks in the year for the subject. Oliver, one of my friends from the second year, also won the computing award – for general hard work and excellent effort if I recall correctly.

Also, quite a few of the awards went to people from my primary school (Guardian Angels) so well done to them and of course the other award winners.

Only two things annoyed me about the awards:

1. The way it was read out that I got the highest mark seemed to imply that was the only reason I won the award, as if I hadn’t put any effort in (okay so I didn’t revise quite as much as I could have perhaps, but I re-sat one exam and worked my backside off on the coursework). Perhaps this wasn’t the case but that’s the way it seemed to me. 🙁

2. The same people kept winning all the awards, which was annoying. Granted one or two of them deserved it (in particular Rachel for law and politics – although she has a slight advantage in that her dad is a councillor!) but it seemed to create a bit of resentment that some people were winning three awards that really could (and in my opinion should) have gone to other people. Yes, success should be recognised, but then why didn’t Peg get anything for excellent grades (better than mine I’ll garner in all but computing), Nick for his endless devotion to the student council (or indeed any of the people who bothered to turn up to meetings) and Andy for his work as student governor (even if we did rip him about it all the time)? Okay so they’re all my mates and I might be biased, but I think other people should have won something as well.

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3 thoughts on “Computing award

  1. the basic fact is, you can’t give awards to everyone. And not getting an award doesn’t mean anything. I don’t for a second think not having an award makes you any less capable..

  2. I know you can’t give an award to everyone, which is even more reason not to give three to one person. Of course an award doesn’t make you more capable (a lot of them were given for effort or achievement through difficulties), but it would be nice for success to be recognised.

  3. First I wld like to say well done Paul! u were Mr Computer Geek of our year so if you didnt get it then no one should have!

    Second – thank you for your complement that I deserved an award!

    Thirdly yes your right the same people did win it – nd more people deserved recognition – Tilly for doin bio As level at the same time as 4/5 A2’s!!

    But your right Dan not everyone can win somethin so I was happy with the award of being the first student at the wine after the awards had finnished!

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