New series of HIGNFY

A bit short notice I know, but just thought I’d mention that Have I Got News For You returns to BBC One at 9:30pm tonight. I don’t know who the guest presenter is because none of the listings give that information, but I’m sure it will be the usual side-splitting humour. 😀

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3 thoughts on “New series of HIGNFY

  1. They are repeated on Saturdays (usually at 10:30pm on BBC 2). I don’t know about later on, but they might be on UK Gold sometime – they are showing fairly recent ones at the moment.

  2. Missed first one!

    But saw fri’s so funny with Greg Dyke taking the pick out of the Labour Paty and its main member Hutton!!

    by the way did u no that the teacher union the NUT has more members than the Labour Party!

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