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New series of HIGNFY

A bit short notice I know, but just thought I’d mention that Have I Got News For You returns to BBC One at 9:30pm tonight. I don’t know who the guest presenter is because none of the listings give that…
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They’ll blame anything on Thatcher

Via BBC News : Pupil aggro blamed on Thatcherism Yes, yet another failure in this country is blamed on Baroness Thatcher. First it was the economy, then the railways and now it’s bullying in schools. Apparently because our parents were…
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Forums for Rixort

I’m expanding Rixort over the Easter holidays, and one new addition is the return of the forums. They weren’t particularly successful last time, but I’ll give it a go again and see how they fare. I might as well use…
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New weblog

Since the people at Upsaid decided to pull the plug on my previous weblog without warning, I’ve placed this new blog up temporarily until I get around to writing my own system to integrate with Rixort. Enjoy!