On this day…

…25 years ago, on the 4th May, Margaret Thatcher was announced as the new Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Undoubtably Nick will come and comment about how those 11 years in power destroyed the economy, put people out of work etc. However, I think she did a damn good job under difficult circumstances and in particular her handling of the Falklands conflict.

If you want an objective view of the time she was in power, UKTV History is running a series of programmes about the Thatcher years this week.

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10 thoughts on “On this day…

  1. Hy Paul – wldnt want to disapoint you!

    Well Paul she did do all u that u said that she did! as well as divide communities disunited the country and basicaly make us all nasty people corrupted by money!
    Hope that helps level out everyones opinions from Pauls lop sided view!!

  2. That’s strange – the entry on the main page shows the right date but not on the individual pages or comments…

  3. Pauls problems with the date space time continuem are showing again!! These people from Bury!!

    (Crucial reference Holy Cross Forums! go nd join!!) 😀

  4. I think the problem is with the clock on the server – it’s based in the US so it’s probably behind. Although the dates are actually ahead on these comments, so I don’t know what the hell is going on.

  5. Sure that you will be jealous Paul, a friend of mine from Oxford is going to see maggie this weekend!

    Althought to be honest i would have thought that you would have had tickets yourself…

  6. is she all there still?

    No disrespect meant like but a) she is anciant nd b) she has lost her rock so it cld have hit her hard (as in husband!)

  7. I knew about the Thatcher dinner in London, tickets were only £15 but when you add accomodation and travel expenses you’re talking an extra £100 which I couldn’t really justify, even for the Iron Lady. 🙂

  8. I thought that Thatcher did the whole war against Argentina so that it was to distract attention from how she was messing up the country. I don’t know. Not really one for politics.

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