Merry Christmas

Quick thoughts from today: I now have every James Bond film on DVD, thanks to my sister. Doctor Who was awful—if you haven’t watched it yet it’s probably not worth the trouble. Purchasing the majority of presents for yourself from other people online and then getting your mum to wrap them immensely improves the whole […]

LugRadio Live 2009

At an hour which should never be seen on a Saturday morning, I hauled myself onto a train to Wolverhampton for LugRadio Live 2009, after Lucy kindly let me have her ticket. I hadn’t been to previous LugRadio Live events, but I’d been assured that they were not to be missed. Starting with the good […]

Currybeer web site

For those of you who are regular or potential Currybeer attendees, the social event now has a new web site,, and two mailing lists for announcing and discussing the socials. For anyone who hasn’t been before, Currybeer is a social event in Manchester, held on the first Friday of each month. The premise is […]

Thesis submitted

I have now handed in my thesis—fully printed and bound. According to the graduate office, they expect the examiners to report within six weeks, so in theory I could hear back as soon as the end of October. However, I can’t do anything until the University gets back to me one way or the other. […]

Thesis finished

After almost two years of research and writing up—a process hampered somewhat by needing to combine both tasks with running a freelancing business or having a full time job at the same time—my thesis is ‘finished’. At 121 pages, it is quite a substantial tome, containing about 80 pages of solid text, 30,000 words and […]

Autumn clean

This weekend I’ve been recalled back to my parents’ house to clear my old room so that it can be redecorated, which means going through the enormous amounts of stuff I’ve collected over the years and throwing out as much as possible. Some of the things I’ve found whilst sifting through the piles of paperwork […]

Final chapter

I thought this would never happen, but I’ve just emailed the final chapter of my thesis over to my supervisors for initial comments. I now have until 14 September (allowing time for printing and binding before the final submission deadline) to iterate over the whole thesis as many times as possible to shake out any […]

OpenTech, APIs and the T word

I was down in London last weekend for OpenTech, which was up to the usual high standard and full of useful talks on all manner of techy things. I made some useful contacts during the course of the day and have some ideas for how to take a couple of projects forward as a result. […]

All quiet on the East Didsbury front

Things have been a bit quiet as of late, work keeps me busy during the day and most evenings are spent catching up on admin (e.g. sorting out the upcoming UKUUG conference) or writing academic documents. Not being involved with FoE has freed up a lot of time, but it all seems to have disappeared […]