Free stuff giveaway clearout

I’m having an early spring clean at my flat in an attempt to free up space so that I can fit everything on my bookcase and see the floor for once. The following items are currently earmarked for good homes:

  1. Stargate SG-1 seasons 1-5 (boxed sets).
  2. Various Doctor Who videos, including Dalek and Cybermen boxed sets.
  3. Boxed set of all the Hornblower DVDs.
  4. Free Software Free Society book.
  5. Baldur’s Gate 2 + Throne of Bhaal Expansion (one pack).
  6. Throne of Bhaal Expansion CD (separate disk).
  7. Civilization II.
  8. JavaStation Krups.

If you want any of the above and can take them off my hands without me having to post them to you (preferably at an event which I’ll be going to anyway, such as Currybeer), the best way to get in touch is to drop me an email. Anything which I haven’t managed to clear by the end of the month will probably make its way to Oxfam or the Warped Library.

(Yes, I know I could flog them on Amazon for a few quid, but I really can’t be bothered making all the trips to the Post Office and ending up having to refund people because the Royal Mail has lost, damaged or destroyed them).

2 thoughts on “Free stuff giveaway clearout

  1. Could I have the free software, free society book please and Stargate seasons 1-3, if no one else wants them. Thanks!

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