Where to from here?

Now that my thesis corrections have been accepted I am looking for the next challenge, though I’m struggling to find an area to focus on. My main interests seem to be politics, business (which includes finance and insurance) and law. I’m not as interested as I used to be in computing—I now see IT in general as a tool, a means to an end (preferably profitable), rather than something interesting in itself. I still enjoy writing software, which is just as well as that’s what my job involves, but I prefer the overall management of a project over trying to optimise an SQL query. Hmm.

Goals for 2010 are also slowing moving along: CV has been tweaked, domains for two companies have been registered and I will get round to doing some open source development once VirtualBox starts working on my new desktop. Still need to think of a catchy name for my pubs site as unfortunately tothepub.co.uk has already been registered.

Finally, should you be really bored, you can now find the final corrected version of my thesis on my publications page. Hard bound copies are available at £40 each, if you are suffering from insomnia or want to have a thesis on your bookcase to increase peoples’ perception of your intelligence (having a chunk of the Loeb Classical Library also works).