Château pwaring

At last, despite the lacklustre response from estate agents I tried to arrange viewings with, I now have a flat to live in. I’m still waiting for all the paperwork to be sorted out by the letting agent, but hopefully I should be able to move in by this time next week—possibly sooner. The place I’m moving to is a small flat in Didsbury, with one bedroom (en-suite) and an open plan kitchen/living room. The kitchen is no more than a few years old, there’s laminate flooring throughout (I much prefer this to carpets, which get dusty and dirty) and the flat has been redecorated this year—in fact the painter was still there when I went to look round. It’s really lovely, with the only disadvantage being its distance from the University, but I am within five minutes walk of all the major bus routes so that isn’t too much of a problem.

One thing I have noticed during my flat hunting is the huge difference between student and graduate accommodation. It’s like being in a completely different world—no hideous 1960’s wallpaper and bathrooms, no cookers with five years worth of fat and grease build up, no manky fridges which only keep food cool for two days, and no damp kitchens (both of my student places suffered badly from the latter problem). I’m paying more than I was for my previous place, but it’s definitely worth it, I just wish I’d been able to afford somewhere this nice when I was an undergraduate. I can’t wait to move in!

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