Results breakdown

The complete breakdown of all my results arrived today, here’s what I got for the second semester of the third year:

Distributed Operating Systems: 58%

Not too bad, and I can’t help thinking that I could have got a few more marks if the exam had been an extra half hour or so in length as I was comfortable with the material but I couldn’t write it all down fast enough.

Compilers: 62%

Much better than expected, I thought I was going to scrape through this module by the skin of my teeth. I only took it because the course selection system wouldn’t let me choose Hypermedia, so getting a 2:1 mark in it was pretty good.

Third year project: 63%

Bit annoyed about this, as I thought I’d done well in my project and especially on the report. I didn’t really have much interest in the project though, which made it hard to motivate myself to do any work.

Network Security: 75%

This was a real shock, I hadn’t expected to get more than about 65% in this module, and that was only because the first question was on a topic (Unix password authentication) that I knew a lot about.

Accountancy and Law: 85%

Jaw dropping moment. I thought I’d seriously screwed up this module, so to get well over a first was a real surprise, albeit a pleasant one.

Annoyingly it looks like I was on for a 2:1 on average without the last two modules, so I must have been reasonably close to a first once they were added in, certainly not scraping a 2:1 anyway.

Anyway, good results in general, so I’m happy. 🙂

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1 thought on “Results breakdown

  1. Well done you! I told you you didn’t have to worry 🙂

    And grr at the fact I got my overall result before you, but have to wait until a week Friday for my breakdown 🙁

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