RSS feed available

After requests from several people (including Samir), I’ve incorporated an RSS feed into my site. In common with the rest of Rogue Tory, I wrote the code myself rather than finding someone else’s solution—and in fact it wasn’t particularly difficult because at the end of the day the feed is just a simple plain text file containing some XML.

Anyway, feel free to use the feed in your RSS reader or on your site, and let me know if it breaks (I expect it will do in some weird and wonderful ways that I haven’t thought of). Also, if you’d like to see feeds in other formats, such as RDF or Atom, let me know and I’ll read up on the specifications and then write the generators for them. You can get the feeds from, surprise surprise, the feeds page.

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2 thoughts on “RSS feed available

  1. Aye, I’ve noticed from the logs that you’ve started using it. 🙂

    I did send you an email about it, but your host (and seem to block deliveries, don’t know whether All About Hosting has got themselves on a black list or they don’t use reverse DNS.

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